Learning Labs


Learning Labs from Siemens Xcelerator Academy provide high performance cloud-based computing environments for your on-demand training needs. No longer limited to using locally installed desktop software, you can now complete hands-on activities in your membership anytime, anywhere.

  • Provides access to the latest Siemens software releases
  • Required software, licenses, part files, and databases are pre-installed
  • Available 24/7 for your convenience
  • Annual subscriptions available in 20 hour packages
Starting at
USD $299 / 1 year
Features and Benefits
  • Cloud-based virtual lab environments are pre-configured to support the computing and graphics performance required for Siemens software products.
  • Learning Labs may be used at your workplace, at home, or anywhere an internet connection is available.
  • No local client software installation is required. Learning Labs are supported by standard browsers with minimal network connection requirements.
  • Learning Lab hours are purchased on an annual basis and assigned to an individual user. Hours are non-transferable.
What learning products are supported by Learning Labs?

Learning Labs are used in combination with Learning Memberships and selected Live Training classes.

For users who purchase memberships, lab hours may be added to the purchase to provide a simple method for a user to practice the included activities. Additionally, students who attend Live Training classes may purchase Learning Labs so they can practice their activities after the class has concluded.