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On-Demand Training Memberships

On-Demand Training Memberships provide an individual user access to learning content to build proficiency and confidence with our software products. Cloud-based virtual machines enable users to practice what they learn using professionally managed software environments. Access hours of learning content and practical examples featuring:

  • In-depth Video-based Content per Topic
  • Virtual Lab Machines for Hands-on Practice
  • Knowledge Assessments to Measure Progress
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Perform Memberships

Perform Memberships are aligned with our software products and offer a rich portfolio of learning content. Memberships provide 24/7 access to a broad set of learning materials with flexible and direct navigation. As new versions of our software products are released, new course materials are then included with your membership purchase at no additional cost. Perform Memberships include:

  • Video-based Lessons and Demonstrations
  • Performance Support at the Point of Need
  • Transcript to Record Learning Progress
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Academic Memberships

Academic Memberships provide educators with access to the training content and allow them to become familiar with the capabilities within Learning Advantage. Academic partners are also able to provide free access to their students to "Learning Advantage Enterprise Academic Gold Membership".

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MindSphere Memberships

The Basic Online Training Membership for MindSphere provides access to all relevant web-based introductory training for MindSphere.

  • In-depth Learning Content
  • Interactive Quizzes
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Mendix Academy

Featuring regularly updated learning paths to bring you the latest and greatest Mendix tips, tricks and technology, Mendix Academy offers a broad range of content from introductory information to advanced modeling and administration workflows.

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