Calibre xRC Parasitic Extraction

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Calibre 2021.4
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$1,400.00 (SGD)
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6 hours for each day for 4 days

Course Overview

The Calibre xRC Parasitic Extraction course will help you understand the basics of parasitic extraction and how to use the powerful Calibre xRC tool to extract parasitic information from your IC layouts.

Course Details

Post-layout simulation is both necessary and expensive. As process nodes shrink, the job of extracting the parasitics required for post-layout simulation is becoming both more critical and more difficult. In-house expertise and foundry-supplied PDKs are no longer the solutions; they are the starting point. Performing extraction using Calibre xRC requires that you fully understand the many trade-offs you must make as well as the analysis needs to be presented by your designs. This course presents the most in-depth coverage of these topics available, extending your knowledge base far beyond existing documentation. Attendees should see immediate ROI in terms of both ramp-up time with the Calibre xRC tools and effectiveness.



  • Calibre nmDRC/nmLVS training
  • Basic knowledge of circuit simulation
  • Ability to read circuit schematics
  • Knowledge of layout verification concepts and tools

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You Will Learn How to:

  • Generate extracted netlists in multiple standard formats.
  • Take advantage of the Calibre xRC 3-stage extraction process to generate multiple parasitic networks from a single extraction run.
  • Leverage design hierarchy to obtain accurate results while keeping netlists manageable.
  • Run Calibre xRC using the mode of your choice: GUI or batch.
  • Review and interpret extraction results.
  • Use advanced reduction techniques to minimize netlist size while maintaining a high level of accuracy
  • Perform multi-corner extraction representing any or all of the process corners modeled by your foundry.
  • Extract accurate parasitics in the presence of in-die variation or metal fill.
  • Tailor your extraction runs to fit your design type and process.