HyperLynx Power Integrity Analysis

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HyperLynx vx2.14
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6 hours for each day for 4 days

The HyperLynx Power Integrity Analysis course will help you understand the basic concepts of power distribution in printed circuit boards. Additionally, you will learn how to perform DC Drop and Decoupling analysis. Techniques for modeling power components and correcting PDN faults will also be covered.



  • Familiarity with High-speed PCB design concepts
  • Familiarity with the Windows operating system platform
  • HyperLynx Signal Integrity Analysis class or familiarity with HyperLynx user interface

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What You’ll Learn

  • Create and simulate a Power Distribution Network (PDN) in LineSim®
  • Set up and run DC Drop Power Analysis in LineSim and BoardSim®
  • Set up and run Decoupling Analysis in LineSim and BoardSim
  • Evaluate the results of different types of analysis and identify the potential hot spots in PowerScope, and TouchStone Viewer.
  • Modify the PDN to fix the potential problems.
  • Explore design PDN methodologies.

Throughout this course, extensive hands-on lab exercises provide you with practical experience using HyperLynx PI software. Hands-on lab topics include:

  • Using the LineSim PDN editor to create board outlines and shapes, add pins for representing power sources/sinks on a PCB, and assign models to the pins for what-if pre-layout DC Drop Analysis
  • Performing DC Drop analysis in LineSim, evaluating the analysis results, identifying the potential problems, making appropriate modifications, and validating the modifications through re-simulating
  • Deriving and assigning models to the board’s IC power supply pins in BoardSim and simulating the design for interactive and batch post-layout DC Drop Analysis
  • Using PowerScope graphical tool to view DC voltage drop plots, current density/distribution on the board’s various power planes
  • Using the LineSim PDN editor and decoupling analysis wizard to explore how decoupling capacitors and board stack-up affect the impedance of a power distribution network in pre- and post-layout simulations.
  • Evaluating the impedance profile of a PDN in the TouchStone Viewer.
  • Exploring various methodologies for designing a PDN