Tessent Diagnosis

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Tessent 2021.3
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6 hours for each day for 5 days

The Tessent Diagnosis course will help you use the tool, in the Tessent Shell environment, to capitalize on the methods of defect discovery on failing devices in a production environment. Using the defect reports from Tessent Diagnosis you will be able to identify the most likely root cause of failure, reduce time and improve your hit rate. With the correlation between the logical netlist and the physical layout, including the cell internals, you will have an indication of the most likely area where to begin the failure analysis. The course focuses on creating the rich volume data set required by Tessent YieldInsight as part of diagnosis-driven yield analysis.


  • Familiarity with concepts of:

    • Verilog
    • Linux operating system
    • Design-for-Test is advisable but not required

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What You’ll Learn

  • Prepare Tessent™ TestKompress™ and Tessent FastScan™ data for Tessent Diagnosis
  • Prepare failure data from Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for diagnostics
  • Run Tessent Diagnosis to diagnose from both the layout-aware and cell-aware perspectives
  • Run Diagnosis on designs that have used the Tessent Hierarchical DFT flow
  • Interpret diagnostic reports to determine the failure mode of the defect
  • Effectively use the Tessent Visualizer to view logic suspects graphically
  • Effectively view reported symptoms and suspects to structures in a physical layout viewer
  • Prepare diagnostics to use layout marker notation
  • Create diagnostic reports which contain data for statistical analysis in YieldInsight
  • Identify failing scan cells from compressed pattern tests
  • Create enhanced patterns to improve diagnostic resolution
  • Prepare the automated diagnosis server to perform production volume diagnostics
  • Diagnose failure files containing chain only and logic only failures

Throughout this course, extensive hands-on lab exercises provide you with practical experience using the Tessent Shell and Tessent Diagnosis software. Hands-on lab topics include:

  • Running Tessent Diagnosis from the Tessent Shell
  • Diagnosing a design that used the Tessent Hierarchical DFT flow
  • Generating test patterns and flat models for use with Tessent Diagnosis
  • Ensuring data consistency between flat models, patterns, and ATE failure logs
  • Proper keyword specification in the failure files
  • Running layout-aware and cell-aware diagnoses from the Tessent Shell
  • Reviewing reports from failing devices to understand and identify different failure modes
  • Linking between diagnosis reports and graphical netlist and/or layout views
  • Running Tessent Diagnosis to perform chain, gross-delay, at-speed, and iterative diagnoses
  • Using Tessent Diagnosis to create enhanced patterns to increase the resolution of suspects
  • Diagnosing failure files resulting from chain only and logic only test methodologies
  • Setting up and running the automated Diagnosis Server to diagnose failure logs resulting from volume ATE testing
  • Setting up and running the automated Diagnosis Server to diagnose failure logs resulting from volume ATE testing utilizing dynamic partitioning to improve throughput
  • Methods available to identify failing chain cells