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Tessent 2023.2
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Designing a modern product requires the integration of multiple IP blockz from both in-house and third-party sources. The Siemens EDA Tessent™ IJTAG solution delivers comprehensive automation support for implementing the IEEE 1687 standard, providing plug-and-play IP test and instrumentation integration.

The Tessent™ IJTAG course drives the development of your skills and knowledge, using Instrument Connectivity Language (ICL) in order to describe the interfaces and connectivity in your design. It also teaches you how to use the Procedure Description Language (PDL) in order to define operations applied to individual IP blocks. This course teaches you to extract the IJTAG ICL network data from the gate-level or RTL netlist; then uses these extracted networks to retarget PDL commands from the IP boundary to any point within an ICL-described IEEE 1687 Network.

The chip-level PDL commands can be translated to ATE pattern formats (STIL, WGL, and so on).

ModelSim™ is used to generate Verilog test benches for these PDL verifications in some of the labs.

The hands-on labs are designed to reinforce key concepts through practical experience and to develop proficiency with Tessent IJTAG and provide the basis for understanding the usage of IJTAG in the Tessent Integrated Flow under the guidance of industry-expert instructors.

The training course covers the basics that are required by Tessent MemoryBIST and Tessent SSN.



  • A basic background in DFT is helpful

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You Will Learn How to

  • Describe the motivation for IEEE 1687.
  • List core aspects and functionality of IEEE 1687:
    • Instrument Connectivity Language (ICL).
    • Procedure Description Language (PDL).
  • Explain how IEEE 1687 extends the use of IEEE 1149.1 and IEEE 1500.
  • Perform ICL Network Extraction and PDL Command Retargeting flows.
  • Describe instruments using ICL and its advanced features to manipulate data in your design (alias, parameter, enumeration table).
  • Leverage IEEE 1149.1/IEEE 1500-based test access architecture to perform IJTAG functions.
  • Use Tessent IJTAG DRC syntax and semantics rules to debug your design using Tessent Visualizer.
  • Create, edit and insert IJTAG networks into design modules.
  • Implement and use Tessent IJTAG in Memory BIST.
  • Understand how IJTAG can be used with ATPG