Library Part Creation in the Xpedition Flow

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Xpedition vx2.14
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Well-maintained and consistent libraries are the keys to efficient design work in xPCB Layout®. The Library Part Creation in the Xpedition Flow course will give you the skills necessary to create, protect, add to, and change the different data types in your Central Library. The lecture modules discuss the Central Library philosophy as well as how to use the xDM Library Tools™ utilities, and how to best interface library objects into your design process.

Hands-on lab exercises reinforce the lecture topics as you create a small library of symbols, parts, and cells from scratch under the guidance of our industry expert instructors.



  • Experience in schematic capture design or PCB layout
  • Understanding of schematic capture and PCB layout terms and practices
  • Familiarity with Windows operating system
  • The “PCB Layout in the Xpedition Flow” course is recommended
  • The “Schematic Entry in the Xpedition Flow” course is recommended

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You Will Learn How To

  • Start a new Central Library and copy elements between libraries
  • Create partitions and set up partition search order schemes
  • Control default text properties and create custom properties
  • Create symbols for use in xDX Designer schematics
  • Create padstacks for use in xPCB Layout and the Cell Editor
  • Create cells to represent the part footprint and physical characteristics in xPCB Layout
  • Integrate symbols and cells together to define parts (PDBs) for xPCB Layout
  • Maintain xPCB Layout layout templates
  • Configure xDX Databook™ and use it to support xDX Designer and xPCB Layout