Constraint Management in the Xpedition Flow

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Xpedition vx2.13
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6 hours for each day for 4 days

Course Overview

Constraint Management in the Xpedition Flow will help you gain the ability to define and refine design constraints in a common environment that is accessible from many Mentor Graphics front-end and back-end design systems. This course covers all the necessary skills required to use Constraint Manager efficiently and effectively in Xpedition flow. Hands-on lab exercises will reinforce lecture and discussion topics under the guidance of our industry expert instructors.



  • Familiarity with concepts of PCB design and technology
  • Familiarity with Windows operating system

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You Will Learn How to:

  • Define the main concepts and constraints hierarchy of Constraint Manager.
  • Enable Constraint Manager as a constraint system in the Xpedition flow.
  • Find and filter data in the design database
  • Navigate and manipulate the constraints hierarchy
  • Use the spreadsheets, toolbars, preferences, and options efficiently
  • Reuse already defined constraints in other designs using Constraint Templates
  • Partition the design data using Net Classes, Constraint Classes, and Schemes
  • Set up mechanical constraints such as trace widths, via assignments, and clearances
  • Assign physical high-speed constraints including minimum and maximum delays, matched delays, delay formulas, custom, and complex topologies, differential pairs, and parallelism rules to nets or groups of nets
  • Auto-route the constrained nets and evaluate the routing results
  • Manage constraints in Constraint Manager for different user groups
  • Set up design and display configuration and preferences
  • Run CES diagnostics for consistency and integrity of constraint data