EDM Server for Administrators

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Xpedition vx2.13
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3 days

Course Overview

This course will give you the knowledge necessary to install, configure and migrate an EDM Server environment with EDM Library (previously known as DMS) and EDM Design, including the underlying relational database and supporting 3rd-party software. The lecture modules discuss multiple roles, tasks and procedures for which an EDM Library Server Administrator will have to be well-versed in order to maintain and grow the EDM Server & database to support the organizations utilizing the EDM Library & EDM Design environments.



  • Familiarity with concepts of Windows software installation and Command-Line actions

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You Will Learn

  • What EDM Server is and how it works to bring data to multiple disciplines who touch library & design data.
  • How to install EDM Server and the underlying/supporting database and web server software.
  • The basics of accessing & navigating the EDM Library Cockpit and granting access & rights to other users.
  • The relationships between different modules (e.g.: LFM, PRM) in EDM Library Server and how to manipulate the data model.
  • How to import/export data and backup entire EDM Server databases.
  • A basic understanding of the Librarian’s responsibilities to better support further configuration and downstream processes of EDM Library Server based on company requirements **
  • A basic understanding of the Designer’s use of EDM Library with Xpedition Enterprise flow in order to augment the related modules in EDM Library Server to optimally integrate with the CAD tools ***
  • Advanced connection configurations, like internal firewalls and LDAP authentication