Mechanical Analysis
Simcenter FloEFD for NX - Thermal Management for Electronic System

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Mechanical Analysis 2020.2
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$1,100.00 (USD)
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1 Day
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4 hours each day for 2 Days

The course provides a detailed description of Simcenter FLOEFD™ capabilities in the specific usage of electronics cooling and thermal management. The hands-on lab exercises further reinforce the discussion topics under the guidance of our industry-expert instructors. The combination of these different formats is designed to highlight the range of functionality available in Simcenter FLOEFD so that you can perform the thermal management of your electronic equipment.


FloEFD Users


Required courses:

You need to be familiar with FloEFD or have already taken the Simcenter FloEFD or one of the other CAD integration training courses (e.g. Simcenter FLOEFD for SolidWorks, Solid Edge, CATIA, or Creo).

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What you’ll learn:

  • Choose the modeling level of your Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Learn the brand new Material Maps technology (PCB).
  • Model your electrical components to get adequate equivalent thermal models
  • Mesh your electronic systems
  • Advanced post-processing features for electronics design purpose
  • View how to model the electronics cooling systems (air cooling system or liquid cooling systems)
  • Calibrate your electronics models based on measurements.
  • Calculate Joule heating based on current/tension boundary condition

Hands-on lab topics include:

  • PCB modeling using Smart PCB and volume heat sources
  • PCB modeling using “Printed Circuit Boards” in Simcenter FLOEFD engineering database
  • Modeling of ICs using Two-Resistor (2R) Model
  • Detailed modeling of ICs using PDML files
  • Thermal management using an axial fan with small lid holes
  • Thermal management using an axial fan with big lid holes
  • Thermal management using a heat pipe
  • Modeling Joule heating in the fan power cable
  • Calibration of an IGBT module based on T3Ster measurement results