Simcenter 3D
Simcenter 3D Electronic Systems Cooling

Course Code
Simcenter 3D 2022.1
User Level
Beginner to Intermediate
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$3,250.00 (USD)
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Live In-Person Duration
5 Days
Live Online Duration
4 hours each day for 10 Days

The Simcenter 3D Electronic Systems Cooling course introduces thermal and flow capabilities to simulate 3D fluid flow and thermo-fluid behavior in densely packed, heat sensitive electronic systems. You will learn the skills necessary to build or modify geometry, create a finite element mesh, define thermal and flow boundary conditions, and perform sophisticated heat transfer and fluid analysis simulation processes focused on electronic systems. You will learn how to use the PCB Exchange application to collaborate with ECAD tools and perform PCA simulation analysis.


Designers, engineers who use Simcenter 3D Pre/Post to model heat transfer and fluid flow in electronics applications

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Day 1

  • Introducing Simcenter 3D Pre/Post and electronic systems cooling analysis
  • Heat transfer concepts and principles of fluid dynamics
  • Preparing geometry for thermal and flow meshing
  • Geometry idealization and fluid volume creation

 Day 2

  •  Meshing for thermal and flow analyses
  •  Working with meshes
  •  Material and physical properties
  •  Modeling assemblies

Day 3

  •  Thermal boundary conditions
  •  Thermal couplings
  •  Radiation modeling

Day 4

  •  Flow boundary conditions
  •  Modeling flow surfaces and flow around a solid object
  •  Understanding the turbulence modeling
  •  Electronic thermal management

 Day 5

  •  Setting up a solution
  •  Transient analysis
  •  Solving a model
  •  Post-processing results
  •  Temperature and pressure results mapping
  •  Using the PCB exchange application