Process Simulate Standalone
Process Simulate standalone basics and human simulation

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Process Simulate Standalone 16
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En este curso, utilizará las herramientas básicas de Process Simulate y creará simulaciones humanas.


Individuals who wish to become knowledgeable using Process Simulate basics.

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Day 1

  • Identify basic concepts for Process Simulate (on eMS) Standalone
  • Identify Process Simulate basics
  • Identify basic tools in Process Simulate environment
  • Identify the placement commands
  • Use kinematics to create operations

Day 2

  • Detect collisions
  • Create snapshots, markups, notes, and pictures
  • Create sections and define cables
  • Import component geometry
  • Model geometry in Process Simulate
  • Define basic kinematics in Process Simulate
  • Define basic kinematic cranks and robotic tools

Day 3

  • Define basic robot kinematics
  • Define advanced kinematics, rails, gantries, and positioners
  • Define advanced kinematic functions, compound equipment, and motion parameter files
  • Identify the human model and human simulation options
  • Create basic human operations

Day 4

  • Create human operations using Task Simulation Builder (TSB)
  • Create human operations using other automatic posture tools (part 1)
  • Create human operations using other automatic posture tools (part 2)

Day 5

  • Create and view ergonomic reports (part 1)
  • Create and view ergonomic reports (part 2)
  • Assign a duration to human operations
  • Examine features related to body and hand motion capture
  • Identify other Process Simulate human tools