Capital Harness Designer

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Capital 2207
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5 hours each day for 5 Days

El curso Capital Harness Designer presenta a los usuarios la funcionalidad básica y más compleja del producto Capital Harness Designer. Esta herramienta proporciona una transición perfecta de datos desde Capital Logic Designer o Capital Systems Integrator a Capital Harness Designer y demuestra cómo extraer datos mecánicos de herramientas MCAD de terceros a Capital Harness Designer. El curso también demuestra cómo crear y mantener objetos de diseño individuales (por ejemplo, cables, multinúcleos, clips, conectores, etc.) dentro de los diagramas de cableado.


This course is for designers, engineers, and harness manufacturers who need to harness designs and diagrams.


Familiarity with concepts of harness and cable design is desirable in the students.

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Day 1:

  • Build harness designs from scratch using Capital Harness Designer
  • Define graphical representation of harness designs
  • Manipulate bundles by adding arcs and rotating pieces of a harness layout
  • Synchronize electrical data from Capital Logic Designer and/or bundle layout info from Capital Wiring Designer

Day 2:

  • Add component part numbers and learn how to use Cavity Component Management to automatically select parts for seals/plugs/terminals
  • Add insulation (tape, tubes, etc.) to your harness
  • Present a fully-dimensioned harness diagram ready for manufacturing
  • Run design rule checks (DRCs) against a harness to point out potential problems before being sent to the manufacturing
  • Build a composite harness and automatically generate derivative harnesses from it
  • Process designs and run calculations

Day 3:

  • Learn how to use backshells and modular connectors in a harness design.
  • Import mechanical data & bundle configurations from 3rd-party MCAD tools into Capital Harness Designer
  • Style the design objects on your diagrams using a style set