Mechanical Analysis
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Mechanical Analysis 2022.1
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€ 1.520,00 (EUR)
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2 Days
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4 hours each day for 4 Days

This course is designed to provide new users of FloMASTER with a background sufficient for tackling a wide range of flow analysis problems in 1D. The main goals of the course are to make the student familiar with the operation and functionality of FloMASTER and to instill good engineering modeling practices.




Basic knowledge and understanding of fluid dynamics

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Course Details 

You will learn the basics of the FloMaster interface for building networks and defining performance data, as well as basic database handling. This involves some basic modelling theory surrounding the use of FloMaster components and also many worked examples for familiarization and understanding.


What You’ll Learn  

  • Incompressible steady state and transient modelling:  Modelling such applications as pipelines and pressure surge (water hammer)
  • Interface customization techniques: Setting up your own catalogues of frequently used components and performance data
  • Available FloMaster-supplied components:  Learning about FloMaster-supplied components such as pipes, bends, valves, orifices, and pumps among many more
  • Dynamic Coloration:  Adding color coding to your results analysis
  • Layers:  Adding background images to your network schematic and adding components to individual layers for easy viewing and manipulation of your network
  • Pack and Unpack:  Easy means of transporting your networks between databases or companies
  • Audit Trail:  An excellent means of tracking changes in your design.  Each result set has a dataset associated with it which allows previously run results to be examined from a data input prospective.
  • Composite Components:  Create a component from several FloMaster components and save it under a single component symbol allowing you to save your company’s modelling techniques within your custom composite component
  • Design of Experiments:  A simple and powerful way to set multiple data items in your network from one single location
  • Find and Replace Components:  Ability to change the type of a component in your network with one easy step
  • Descriptive Sub-Forms:  Create your own sub-forms allowing items such as cost, mass and lead time to be added into your FloMaster network
  • Adding Custom Help Descriptions:  Define your own help notes for custom components