Simcenter Testlab
Rotating Machinery - Basics
Understanding the dynamic 'Signature' of your system

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Simcenter Testlab 2306
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This product training will walk through an industrial example with resonances and order information.

You will learn how to use Simcenter Testlab for the analysis of rotating machinery harmonics through real-life exercises. We will review the basics of harmonic analysis and teach you hands on how to perform measurements and process the results. We will show you how to generate a geometry and animate operating deflection shapes using acquired data and how to process previously acquired time data.  Simcenter Testlab Neo will also be demonstrated for its processing capabilities.


Engineers and technicians who need to learn how to use Simcenter Testlab for Rotating Machinery analysis or want to learn about its capabilities.


We recommend a basic understanding of Noise and Vibration measurements on rotating machinery.

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  • Activity Material
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  • Review of Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Simcenter Testlab Desktop: Data visualization
  • Review of Signature & Order Analysis Theory
  • Simcenter Testlab Signature Testing
  • Run Data Averaging and Comparison
  • Post-Processing
  • Time Signal Editing & Throughput Processing
  • Structural Analysis
    • Geometry
    • Operational Deflection Shapes & Time Animation
  • Offline RPM Extraction
  • PWM application
  • Advanced & Automated reporting
  • Demonstration of Simcenter Testlab Neo for Throughput Processing and Time Signal Editing