NX Tips & Tricks Premium

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NX 2007
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€ 5.670,00 (EUR)
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Training Center Duration
4 Days
LIVE Online Duration
3 hours each day for 8 Days

Siemens Learning Services has been your partner for years in providing NX CAD Classroom training. Over the years, our NX instructors have collected hundreds of NX CAD Tips and Tricks while providing classroom training and coaching NX Designers

In this Premium NX Tips and Tricks sessions we would like to guide you how to work more efficiently with NX by using Basic, Standard and Premium NX CAD Tips & Tricks.

In these 16 sessions our instructors will cover NX CAD Tips & Tricks regarding Gateway/ Fundamentals, Modeling, Assemblies, 2D Drafting, Sheet Metal Design, Synchronous Modeling (2D & 3D), Model Based Definition (PMI), Large Assembly handling, HD3D Visual Reporting and Optimization and Sensitivity. You can join our sessions with a maximum of 20 attendees per customer.

This investment is to promote continuous learning and with 20 attendees  ~19 euros per session per person


NX Engineers, designers, detailers who need to manage and use NX.


Required courses:

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  • Fundamentals (2 Sessions):
    • Favorites, Shortcuts, Multiple Views, Rotate Reference, Change Colors, Manage Snap Points, Preferences, Measure, View Section
  • NX Modeling (2 Sessions):
    • Sketching, Patterns, Expressions, Selection Rules, Reuse Library, Replace Feature, Filters, Internal Volumes, Curves, Bounding Body
  • NX Assemblies (2 Sessions):
    • Clearance Analysis, Search in Assembly Navigator, Materials and Weight, Position Override, Arrangements, Assembly Sequence, Synchronize Subassembly Properties, Reusable Component, Deformable Part, Assembly Joints
  • NX Drafting (2D) (2 Sessions):
    • Add Text Files, Orient view tool, Dimensions, Preferences and settings, Secondary Geometry, representations, Offset Section Views, 3D Section Views, 3D Breakout Section View, Erase objects from a drafting view, Working with Layers, Sketch in view, Exploded view
  • NX Sheet Metal Design (1 Session):
    • Global and Local Preferences, Multi-Bend Tab, Multi Flange Instances, Flange shape edit, Contour Flange, Create Partial Bends, Flat Pattern, Search for overlaps, Convert to Sheet Metal, Visual Reporting for Sheet Metal, Design in context
  • Synchronous Modeling (2 Sessions):
    • Replace Face vs. Delete Face, Move and copy faces to a specified location, Dimensioning Faces in non-parametric bodies, Relate faces in an assembly context, Labeling faces, Reorder blends, Modifying detail faces, Move and offset edges, Optimize Face, Internal volume (assembly)
  • Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) (1 Session):
    • PMI Preferences / Settings, Creating and use views for PMI, Create and edit PMI dimensions, Duplicate a PMI object, Retained annotations and dimensions, PMI Assembly filter, PMI Section View, PMI Compare, Convert Drafting objects to PMI
  • Large Assembly handling (2 Sessions):
    • Component Groups, Use Assembly Zones, True Shape Filtering, Using Bookmarks, Update Structure, Representations, Simplify Assembly, Weight management, Drafting with Large assemblies, Wrap assembly, Linked exterior
  • HD3D Visual Reporting (1 Session):
    • Using Visual Reports, Report Column, Edit Report Scope, Visual Reporting Ribbon
  • Optimization and Sensitivity (1 Session):
    • Sensitivity Study, Design Optimization