Simcenter STAR-CCM+
Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Einführung

Course Code
Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2020.1
User Level
Beginner to Intermediate
List Price
2.400,00 € (EUR)
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Training Center Duration
3 Days
LIVE Online Duration
4 hours each day for 5 Days

Serving as an introduction to our Enterprise-Wide software solution, the aim of the class is to equip the attendee with a firm understanding of the basic use of STAR-CCM+ for conducting multi-physics simulations.

Attendees will experience a gradual well-structured learning curve over a three day period that reflects the major processes developed in STAR-CCM+. Each day we aim to have attendees using the software, hands-on, to begin their own simulations after instruction through tutorials and lectures. Using this structured approach, attendees will leave the training ready to address common numerical engineering challenges using STAR-CCM+ comfortable in the knowledge that Siemens engineering support will be available to provide on-going technical support.

This is a public classroom training offered at our training center in Nuremberg (over 3 consecutive days), as well as online training (over 5 consecutive morning sessions). Where / in which format it's given, you can see in our ClassFinder under location.
The training can be attended using 12 "Simcenter Training Credits" [TR-SCS-TOK] or 2400 "Learning Services Credits" [DE-LS-CDTS] per attendee.

Diese Schulung wird in deutscher Sprache gehalten. Die Kursbegleitunterlagen sind in englischer Sprache. Sie wird in unserem Schulungszentrum in Nürnberg (3 Tage von morgens bis Abends) oder als Online Schulung (verteilt auf 5 Vormittage) angeboten. In welchem Format sie zum jeweiligen Termin angeboten wird, können Sie in unserem ClassFinder unter Veranstaltungsort bzw. Location sehen.


The basic STAR-CCM+ course is intended for engineers or analysts who are new to multiphysics simulation software, but it can also be used as refresher training for occasional users.


Other requirements:

  • Basic understanding of finite element analysis principles.

Anmerkungen zur Teilnahme an der Live! Online Version dieses Kurses:
Sie sollten über eine Internetanbindung mit mind. 16Mbit/s (empfohlen 50Mbit/s oder schneller) verfügen.
Als Arbeitsplatz empfiehlt sich ein ruhiger Platz mit 2. Display und bequemen Headset.
Während der Schulung sollten Sie, wie bei einer Präsenzschulung, Ihr Mobiltelefon und andere Störungsquellen abschalten können.

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Day 1

  • During the first part of the day, we discuss and present the conceptual elements of flow fluid simulation moving on to describe how these elements are represented in the workflow process of STAR-CCM+. We describe the architecture of the software and the advantages of the client-server approach before moving into an introductory example that moves from problem import to a review of simulation results and an introduction to post-processing.

Day 2

  • Day two focuses on the basics of mesh generation – principles and strategies for efficient computational solving. The different surface and volume meshing models which constitute the meshing pipeline in STAR-CCM+ are introduced. Tutorials on automatic meshing are completed that include an introduction to multi domain meshing, surface cleanup and mesh modification.

Day 3

  • The last day of the class is used to consolidate the knowledge acquired over the first two days and explore some advanced modules through further tutorials. In these cases, the examples reinforce the STAR-CCM+ workflow process and introduce additional capability and productivity features. Finally, the training material will introduce automation capabilities of the software as well as powerful field functions that allow customization and refined Control.