Simcenter STAR-CCM+
Meshing Best Practices

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Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2020.1
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Beginner to Intermediate
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2 Days
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4 hours each day for 4 Days

The purpose of this course is to help users better understand the meshing workflow in STAR-CCM+, what to avoid, and how to take advantage of the meshing capabilities of the software. This course will help participants become familiar with the Meshing approach through lectures and workshops that focus on key meshing features of the software. Participants will learn and practice the application of surface preparation tools, surface and volume meshers, 2.5 meshers, and the prism layer mesher. In order to help users enhance the quality of their meshes, special attention is paid in this course to features of the Prism Layer mesher including the influence of meshing values and Prism Layer options on the mesh generated in near-wall areas.


This course is intended for proficient STAR-CCM+ users who want to gain more insight into the meshing processes of the software.


Required courses:

  • Student Guide
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Course Content will consist of lectures and workshops as follows:


  • Surface Import, Preparation and Repair
  • Mesh Operations and Custom Controls
  • Imprinting
  • Surface Remeshing
  • Understanding the Prism Layer Mesher
  • Mesh refinement options
  • Judging the quality of a Volume Mesh
  • Mesh recommendations for special geometries: Baffles and porous media


  • Local Surface Remeshing
  • Prism Layer Meshing
  • Porous Media meshing with the Directed Mesher