CAD Surface Modeling Processes

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NX 1872.1
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3 Days

The Surface Modeling Processes course is designed to cover the process of how to create freeform parts that update reliably and shift smoothly to the manufacturing application. As a second tier course Surface Modeling Workflows builds on the tools you deployed as a result of attending the NX CAD Fundamental Workflows course. The real-world experience of the Siemens instructors aids students in transferring knowledge gained through this single course to their job resulting in faster time to productivity.

At the completion of the Surface Modeling Processes class, the student will be able to incorporate freeform features into any part, from product models to complex engineering designs. This task-based process course focuses the student on productive surface modeling techniques that capture design intent. These concepts can be applied in the real world of product development and collaboration. As with each course developed and taught by Siemens PLM Software professionals, this class reinforces our in-depth knowledge of the software's capabilities and instructs the students based on the underlying principles incorporated within the NX product suite. This class was designed to increase the productivity of the student, teaching the necessary skills to accomplish the following:

  • Create splines and derived curves used in creating freeform features.
  • Analyze curves and faces.
  • Build primary surfaces using curves.
  • Create freeform shapes by sweeping sections along curves.
  • Create transition and blend shapes.
  • Extend and offset surface geometry.
  • Convert surfaces into solid models.
  • Add draft to molded and cast part models.
  • Deform parts using Global Shaping.

Engineers and designers that need to create, edit, and analyze curves and freeform shapes used in part design.


Required courses:

  • Student Guide
  • Activity Material
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Day 1

  • Creating Splines
  • Ruled Surface
  • Mesh Surfaces
  • Through Curves
  • Through Curves Mesh

Day 2

  • Bridge Curves
  • Surface Trim operations
  • Other Curve operations
  • Curve Analysis
  • Trim Body
  • Patch

Day 3

  • Sweep Surfaces
  • Other Surface Types
  • Reference Geometry
  • Sheet Extensions

Day 4

  • Detail Operations
  • Global Shaping
  • Surface Analysis
  • Fix, Enlarge, Improve Surface topology
  • Changing Surface Topology (Class A Surfacing)
  • Realize Shape