Opcenter Execution Discrete
Opcenter EX Discrete for Developers

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Opcenter Execution Discrete 4.2
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€ 2.280,00 (EUR)
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3 Days

This course focuses on how to extend the features of SIMATIC® IT Unified Architecture Discrete Manufacturing. SIMATIC® IT Unified Architecture Discrete Manufacturing is the novel SIEMENS platform for the implementation of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions in Aerospace and Complex Manufacturing industry sector. This course provides knowledge of the extensibility features of the product and how to configure a scenario based on the Customer requirements.


Required courses:

Other requirements:

  • Knowledge of Discrete Manufacturing processes
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Operating Systems
  • General knowledge of MOM/MES purposes
  • Familiarity with MS Visual Studio environment
  • Good knowledge of MS .NET technology and solid C# programming skills
  • Basic knowledge of MS Entity Framework
  • Familiarity with OData (REST API)
  • Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3
  • JavaScript and JQuery programming skills
  • Knowledge of Angular JS

  • Student Guide
  • Activity Material
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  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • Entities, extension entities, facets
  • Commands, command handlers
  • Synchronous and asynchronous commands, transaction management
  • Events, event handlers, subscriptions
  • Domain Driven Design, built-in domains, user domains
  • Functional block and app development in Project Studio
  • Solution engineering in Solution Studio
  • UI modules, UI components, Mashup Editor
  • Injection, SIMATIC IT Classic integration, MsExt user domain
  • Built-in functional blocks and app
  • Extending built-in entities and commands
  • Extending built-in Web pages
  • Transaction management in an injection environments