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NX 11.0
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In this course, you learn how to design and document products using the major NX applications, Modeling, Drafting, and Assemblies. You start with the basics of each application, with an emphasis on good modeling practices. You will use the core applications together to design and document real-world product assemblies.

The example models you will work on come from different industries and use different manufacturing methods including machining, casting, molding, stamping and brake-formed sheet metal. At the end of the course, you should be able to apply what you have learned to create different types of products following your company's design standards.

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  • Making changes to existing parts
  • Investigate the design intent of a model
  • Create features or part models from scratch
  • Add parts to an assembly or edit parts to fit properly in an assembly
  • Create associative drawings of a model
  • Design with sketches
  • Create simple prismatic parts
  • Add detailed features like holes, chamfers, and edge blends
  • Examine a typical sheet metal workflow
  • Design parts that fit together and function properly as an assembly
  • Constrain assembly components