Polarion End User
Project Manager

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    You will learn how requirements can be tracked and managed with Polarion. You will master the basic skills to navigate Polarion and work with project data. You will define your project requirements, specifications, and manage their changes and risks. Traceability is a key element to successfully manage requirements. Practical …
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    Test Management 16 hours

    You will learn how test cases can be tracked and managed within Polarion QA. Different ways how test cases can be planned and executed are covered, as well as the tracking of defects found during test executions. Traceability and coverage is a key element for an effective Test Plan and consistent Test Case descriptions. Practical …
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    You will learn how the various reporting functionalities, widgets, and APIs work in Polarion work.Polarion has powerful and versatile reporting capabilities. We will take a look at the different widgets, APIs and services that help the end users generate reports that are customised to their requirements.