Simcenter Thermal Analysis
Space Systems

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    NX Basics 16 hours

    This course is designed to give new users an overview of the NX modeling, assemblies, and drafting task-based processes. At the completion of the course, the student will be able to develop basic solid and assembly models, as well as drawings using the master model concept.
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    This course introduces the Simcenter 3D Pre/Post (Engineering Desktop) product, which provides finite element modeling and results visualization. It covers the details of the finite element analysis (FEA) processes including preparing geometry, meshing, applying boundary conditions, checking the model, solving, and post-processing …
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    The Simcenter 3D Space Systems Thermal course introduces thermal simulation and analysis for products specific to the space industry. You will learn skills necessary to build or modify geometry, create a finite element mesh, define thermal boundary conditions, and perform sophisticated heat transfer analysis simulation process …