Payment Information

Contact Learning Services, Benelux at +31 (0) 88 241 8500 or for more information.

Requests for classes will always be formalized into an offer that SISW will send to the contact person of your company. An authorised signatory from your company will then need to sign the offer for approval.
Please return the signed offer in its entirity back to the email address on the offer and include the student(s) name, email address and mobile telephone number. SISW will not finalize registrations unless it has, prior to the event, received a signed offer and, if applicable for your company, received a valid purchase order.
Payment by purchase order
Prior to the event, email a copy of the purchase order to the email address on the offer.
Please refer in the PO to the reference number of the offer.
PO payment terms should reflect NET 30 days unless otherwise predetermined.