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Active Workspace Foundation

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Active Workspace 6.2
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Beginner to Intermediate
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3 Days
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4 hours each day for 6 Days

The  Active Workspace Foundation course introduces the concept of product lifecycle management. It provides instruction on working in the Active Workspace interface and the basics of using Active Workspace , including applying basic use cases, managing product supporting documents, managing your product structure, visualizing your product model, managing your release processes, managing changes and managing schedules.


The primary audience for this course are users who design, configure and release data using Active Workspace.


Required courses:

  • (There are no prerequisites for this course.)
  • Learning Account
  • Test Booklet (provided)

When this class is delivered via cloud technology in the LIVE! Online Training environment, there are no local software installation requirements.

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Day 1

  • An Introduction to Active Workspace
  • Working with items
  • Importing your data files
  • Applying data security practices
  • Finding content using Search
  • Opening and viewing product structures
  • Creating, editing, and analyzing product structures

Day 2

  • Viewing visualization data
  • Approving and Releasing Data
  • Initiating a workflow
  • Managing workflow task assignments
  • Working with standard workflows

Day 3

  • An introduction to managing changes
  • Creating problem reports
  • Creating change requests
  • Elaborating and executing the change
  • An Introduction to managing schedules
  • Creating and managing schedules, tasks and templates
  • Managing schedule deliverables and resources
  • Viewing schedules and its tasks
  • Managing schedule changes
  • Managing schedule (task) deliverables
  • Managing schedule resources