NX Design
Tooling Designer

  • 1
    This course is designed to give new users experience creating and editing parametric models using the essential NX processes. Users will learn how to create sketches to capture design intent, how to model a part efficiently, as well as how to assemble parts into product assemblies, and produce basic part drawings.
  • 2
    In this course, designers, engineers, and NC/CNC programmers will learn to build assembly structures and create parametric solid models that capture design intent.
  • 3
    In this course, you will learn to create freeform parts that update reliably and shift smoothly to the manufacturing application.
  • 4
    In this course, you will learn to add text, dimensions, GD T, and symbols to a 3D model for use by downstream applications such as tooling, manufacturing, inspection, and shipping.
  • 5
    In this course, you will learn to create standards-compliant detailed engineering drawings that are fully associated to your 3D model using the NX Drafting application. You will configure all drafting preferences using a preset standards file, create multi-sheet drawings with base and derived views, place associated dimensions …
  • 6
    In this course, you will learn to use the Sheet Metal application for creating machinery, enclosures, brackets, and other parts normally manufactured with a brake press. Learn to create base features like tabs and contour flanges, and build on them with more advanced features such as gussets and louvers.
  • 7
    Learners will acquire the skills to significantly reduce mold design lead time using Mold Wizard automation.
  • 8
    Customize the existing catalog libraries to match your companys standards, add new libraries, and configure various templates within the Mold Wizard application.
  • 9
    Learn the skills necessary to significantly reduce die design lead time using Progressive Die Wizard automation. Common tasks used in progressive die tooling design are covered.